• Are protein shakes really so help for losing weight


    weight loss protein benefitsHunger is some kind of starvation enforces us to eat. Some people are hungry all the time despite the large meals they eaten and the high blood sugar level they have.

    The key of this mystery found in the small intestine (a part of the digestive canal and responsible for absorption of foodstuff), the absorption part of the intestine called microvilli with a brush-like structure allow disintegrated food to spread on a large area to be easily absorbed.

    In cases of malnutrition, this brush-like structure destroyed leaving the intestine unable to absorb most of the foodstuff except the easy stuff, which are sugars and carbohydrates.

    This puts the body in a state of starvation because no foodstuffs including proteins, fats and vitamins are absorbed in a proper way to nourish the body. The body feels starvation and make a decision to face it by deposition of more fats in the body.

    Protein shakes are powdered whey or soy protein, flavored with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry easily reconstituted by milk or water. For some best protein shakes for women and men see this: http://proteinshakesforwomenworld.com. You will find there some really great information.

    Protein in protein shake is in a liquid form, easily absorbed by intestine helps lower Ghrelin (hunger stimulating hormone) effectively suppressing the appetite.

    Meat and chickens are also consist of protein, why did not they do the same action.

    Well, it is a good question, meat protein strings are more complicated and tough to be absorbed by intestine, only healthy intestine with brush-like structure microvilli can do, makes it a very hard job especially with persons with malformed-intestine with destructed brush-like structure microvilli. The advantage of protein shakes that they are in the liquid form easily absorbed, nourish and rebuild the microvilli and maintain the brush like structure. Of course there are a lot of healthz foods best for weight loss, you can check them out here in the article from proteinshakesforwomenworld as well as in the article from webmd.

    The repairing happened to the microvilli makes the body make the best use of all types of food, which ends the situation of starvation, and deprivation that the body lived in for a long time when the only absorbed food was sugar and sweetly stuffs.

    Therefore, protein shakes help to lose weight by three ways:

    1. Increases metabolism rate by 10% (a common behavior for all proteins).
    2. Lowers Ghrelin (hunger stimulating hormone) effectively suppressing the appetite.
    3. Ends the state of starvation and fat deposition.


    Recommended servings vary from one product to another noticing that protein shakes contain other contents more than protein which influence the decision of choosing the protein shake


    If you are counting calories, beware of number of calories per serving size, as it is vary from one product to another.

    Calories from fat

    It may be tricky, but the calories from fat are still calories counted also.


    It is a protein shake; therefore, it is the most important ingredient. Divide the protein grams in the serving size by the weight of the serving size, the more percentage you have, the good product you get noticing that more than 30% is awesome.


    Every serving size contain an amount of cholesterol. Total cholesterol obtained from the protein shake should not exceed 50% of the daily intake to give a chance to obtain cholesterol from other sources of food.


    Sodium is the main component of the table salt and may be restricted for hypertensive patients therefore it is better to have less sodium in the protein shake.

  • Popular among bodybuilders - Creatine and it’s Myths and Facts


    Creatine - most popular & most researched supplements in history

    There are some myths about it.

    This article will present important myths and facts about creatine to help you learn truth about this supplement. If you think you would like to spend your night doing a research about creatine then here is site that may help http://ibestcreatine.com.

    Myth: It is Bad for the Kidneys and Liver

    Fact: This theory is baseless and there is no clinical validity. Unless you have pre-existing renal problem, creatine use should not damage you liver or kidneys. Study shows that, 15.75g per day showed no effect on kidney or renal stress- study tracked over a five-year period on healthy athletes.

    The creatine did not adversely affect kidney function, found by Dr. Kuehl, after the experiment on 36 healthy male and female athletes.

    Myth: Stunt the growth of teenagers.

    creatineFact: Another supposition among the people is that, it stunt the growth of teenagers. It is a fully wrong idea. Creatine is a bio-molecule that found in variety of foods and preset in all human. It is safe for teenagers as like as anybody.

    Myth: Must Be Taken At A Specific Time

    Fact: There is no real evidence suggests that, there is best time to take creatine. There is no significant difference, while you take it in the morning, afternoon of evening. But, it is suggest that, taking it after work out is better.

    It has been proven that, you should uptake it with a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

    Myth: It is a steroid.

    Fact: It is fully a false idea. It is an amino acid. It has no chemical relation with steroid molecules.

    Myth:  Cycling Will Produce Better Results

    Fact: False, There is no strong evidence that, creatine cycling is better than taking it continuously.

    Myth:  Get Enough Creatine From Your Diet

    Fact: The average people get only about 1g of creatine per day from their diet. They also destroy a definite part of creatine found in food (such as cod, beef, salmon etc.), when cook their meals.

    Myth: Not safe for females.

    Fact:  It is another bad idea among the people. Clinical trial shows that, it is both safe and effective for women as like as men. Just like men, women bodies utilize it in the same manner, and they can expect to see similar results. Actually there are plenty of benefits of creatine from women, some of them were listed here http://ibestcreatine.com/benefits-of-creatine-for-women/

    “Loaded at 20g creatine for a week, accelerated net strength and endurance in trained females”—reported by female softball players.

    Myth: All Creatines Are The Same

    Fact: There’s a difference between high-quality creatine and low-quality creatine, as like as difference between $100 food and $15 food.

    creatine resultsMyth: Affect By Body’s Anabolic Hormone Function

    Fact:Research from the University of Leuven in Belgium has shown that, ,creatine doesn’t not alter anabolic hormone response to training, while it can increase strength and lean mass. These hormones are GH (Growth Hormone), testosterone, and cortisol etc.

    Myth: The More You Take, The Better

    Fact: Scientist of Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University, confirmed that lower dose of creatine (such as 5g/day) are effective and without a loading phase results can be achieved.

    Myth: Causes Excessive Water Retention

    Fact: A recent study with double-blind, placebo-controlled shows that, no significant increase in body water, after three months of creatine use. However, now it is possible that some low-quality creatine may promote water gain. The reasons may be several. One, it may be due to excess sodium, not creatine. Cheaply manufactured, inferior-grade product may contain excess sodium and may causes excessive water retention.

    Myth: It Causes Cramping

    Fact: The idea that creatine causes muscle cramping has no clinical evidence to support this claim. On the othe hand, clinical studies show that it is not associated with muscle cramping

    Myth: Loading Is Mandatory

    Fact: Some research suggests that, loading of creatine may be nothing more than waste. If you’re a professional bodybuilder or elite athlete you may want to loading. For the rest, 5g per day is all it takes.

    Some of the myths may be also found here http://www.muscleandstrength.com/articles/10-common-creatine-myths if you are interested in learning more.

  • Can women drink protein shakes ? Benefits of doing so included


    Should women include protein shakes in their diet?

    women drinking protein shakeWhy do we eat food? The simplest answer is- to lust! However, foods are the demands we need to maintain our living. Coming straight to the point; it is protein which helps us to push energy to our body. Both males and females are habituated with proteins but not with all sorts practically. There are whey and casein proteins based upon the speed of digestion in human stomach.

    Many people thought of if different typed protein shakes would be beneficial to females, especially at times of pregnancy and workouts. The answer is strongly YES because protein shakes are filled with different essential particles and amino acids which provide support to all the decays of human health.

    For women, protein shakes can be very conducive at times of hurdles. The benefits of protein shakes for females are endless; among which- some are showed below:

    • Protein shakes like nonfat milkshakes, non fat yogurts are tremendously beneficial to health needs and deters unnecessary weight gain.
    • Protein shake contains enormous amount of vitamin B, iron, magnesium, zinc etc, which supports human bone structure and aids at times of bone loss due to old age.
    • Protein shake is a fabulous drink to take with fruit mixes. This will not only enrich body muscles and protein syntheses but also provide digestion support, diabetes control factor, healthy weight management etc.
    • Protein shakes are very responsible for managing traumatic accidents like heart attacks, kidney diseases, lung and liver shocks etc.
    • Calcium rich protein shakes are the most effective and beneficial drink to take for females; especially at times of pregnancy. This reinforces the vertebra structure of females and supports the extra weight of the baby inside. Moreover, at old age females happen to have bone loss due to the scarcity of calcium at bone joints. This in turn promotes less blood generation which is a step forward to perish. However, protein shakes might be extremely favorable at such stages.
  • Is creatine safe and effective for beginners? Here is what I think!


    Common Question – is creatine actually safe ?

    Creatine is the energy blocks found in protein. Protein, in this case, is the energy source through which, a human being endures life and maintain daily living spending necessary energy. The entire energy required to do loads of work all day long retains from the ATP created by the breakdown of protein sources in human health according the human necessaries. From the beginning, no person usually takes the daily schedule of taking protein in a certain and arranged manner but erratically. However, for those who are in verge of taking creatine nutrition safely and responsibly, there is something that you should know about if it is safe and sound or not.

    Literally, creatine is safe for beginners, as it does not contain any sort of water. In a sense water is a very heavy thing that boost up weight without any doubt but without which, we cannot satisfy our thirst. But taking protein doesn’t mean to intake more water and thereby, it just is used as energy source of creative, which breaks into phosphocreatine and generates ATP (ENERGY).

    The procedure of intake for beginners: For beginners, it should generally start through a 33 g of protein powder with a 200 ml glass of water. Mix the powder and rinse it well. After all of it gets dissolved; take it smoothly. It’s sure that you’ll require nothing more to satisfy your body thirst at both water and food.

    Why beginners should take it and start soon: beginners should take it and start very soon without any doubt for there are no side effects and brings utmost satisfaction. Protein contains creative which are prodigiously effective for health. It also

    • Increases muscles, with accordance to the increase in strength.
    • Improves living and endurance at a very large scale.
    • Increases lean muscles & manipulates weight in a suitable way.